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  I, the land

Pichimahuida - a piece of land in Patagonia, a small and compact ecosystem,

or an individual living entity, going through a self-cleaning ecosystem restoration

exercise in order to carry the maximum of life possible under the conditions of an

imposed compromise with humans, like the rest of the Earth.

  The life she has had

Some geological and climate history features of that little ecosystem, or conditions of her life.

- Rights of ecosystems

- The museum

   An imposed compromise

The private protected area, based on principles of a biosphere reserve,     established by the very limited human population living in Pichimahuida.

  1. -Buffer zone

  1. -Transition area  -  House

- Core area, wildlife

  Pichimahuida principle ©

  The invaders

Human settlements, their support structures, including all imported species, and sources of non-living energy:

- If you visit    -  a page for those who would like to visit the place with the purpose of research or help;

  1. -Living off-grid - a set of solutions for energy supply in isolated micro-settlements

  1. -Community projects

  Changing conditions of the development of the ecoregion